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Real Time Bidding

real-time bidding

RTB exchanges have disrupted traditional mobile advertising

The 2007-2011 "legacy" mobile ad network model is dying. Today, major mobile media brands including Google have shifted to the exchange model to clear, or sell, publisher ad inventory. Mobile publishers have grown tired of managing dozens of ad SDKs, want more control, and more revenue. Learn why the largest mobile brands with neither the technology nor risk-tolerance for high-performance programmatic buying consolidate their RTB bidding with our platform.

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Machine Learning Rules

We're often asked what makes us so special compared to buying on Facebook, another ad network, or agency trading desk. The answer - it's math, data and machine learning done at scale over thousands of CPUs. That's a lot more effective than a manual "trading desk". We feel the best algorithmic bidder in the world is only as good as it's predictive models and machine learning. That's why we've employed some of the best and brightest PhDs and silicon valley optimization specialists to build the fastest, most accurate and flexible optimization system for real-time bidding.

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We unlock the power of mobile big-data

You can't make the best real-time decisions without having the best first and third-party data. We operate the world's biggest data management platform for real-time bidding, so customers can securely transmit data for customer acquisition, negative audiencing, and re-targeting campaigns. We can infer new valuable users by combining your first-party data with major third-party data providers such as Neustar and BlueKai. We've done the heavy lifting in partnering and integrating with providers so you don't have to.

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Ad units that blend art and science

Desktop ads can't simply be re-used for native smartphone and tablet environments. We work with our clients and help build and recommend best practices to become successful on mobile. Ultimately, the best mobile and tablet campaigns blend art and science to drive the highest engagement, monetization and retention.

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  • zoosk
    " The team consistently delivers quality, scale and great customer service for Zoosk. "
    Elsa Hou, Online Marketing Manager
  • zoosk
    " The team are extremely responsive with short turnaround times, a critical factor to the success of any mobile gaming company. "
    Kabam Staff
  • zoosk
    " Manage adapts to our immediate requirements, but also able to anticipate our future needs by proactively engaging with us throughout the partnership. "
    Phoenix Age


Client satisfaction is our top priority

We see ourselves as consultants, not vendors. We take a systematic, collaborative approach to mobile advertising. Always having the end goal in mind, we oftentimes spend a lot of time with clients defining specific goals of their mobile campaigns, collecting data that will help in bidding, and ensuring KPIs are being monitored on a continual basis. The end result is satisfied clients and terrific references.

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